My 10 Lifestyle Intentions

For the past longish while, I’ve been thinking a lot both to myself and out loud to my husband about things I want to change. Somehow, I just haven’t been able to pull myself together to follow through. Something comes up and I use that as an excuse for setting back a goal I had every intention of following through with. I decided to make a list of the lifestyle changes I intend to make and share some ideas with you as I go!

1. Plan in home date nights. My hubby and I get very little time alone. Very little. Four kids and his job schedule will do that!When we do have evening free time, it’s usually spent with him doing his thing and me doing mine. Meaning, I’m knitting or reading curled up on the living room couch and he’s in our room on the computer. I want to spend more time with him to connect and laugh and have fun!

2. Play more. When you’re a full time stay at home mom, daily things seem to get in the way of play time with the kids. You have cleaning to do, laundry, dishes, cooking and baking, and in my case, homeschooling. So when you have a little break, you want to relax. I want to make more time to just sit down with them and play! They love it! And it’s a better mental break for me than pulling out my phone to browse Pinterest.

3. Smile More. Seems simple enough. As it should be. You wouldn’t believe how quickly you can change an upset child’s attitude by giving them a genuine smile. Or taking a moment to give your husband a smile and kiss when he gets home from work!

4. Let Go of Wants. This is one I really really need to work on! Thank you Pinterest and Instagram for contributing to showing me the things I want but don’t need. Half the things I have I wouldn’t have been out looking for but stumbled across and thought, I have to have this. Now. No, I don’t.

5. Plan Weekly Meals. This is where Pinterest comes in handy! Lots of ideas for family dinners. I would save us a whole lot of time and money if I would just plan ahead so I wasn’t running to the grocery store every other day!

6. Reuse. I want to find a way to reuse most things instead of throwing them out and buying new stuff. Again, Pinterest comes in handy for things like this!

7. Be More Social. I am a homebody. I’m much more content relaxing at home than going out. I wasn’t as much before I had children, but now it’s very difficult to get me out to social settings. When I do go out with friends, I never regret it and always want to do it more.

8. Early to bed, early to rise. It’s not the best combination being both a night and morning person. I love my quiet time at night when the kids are all in bed, but I also love getting up while everyone is still sleeping and sneak in my morning workout and breakfast in peace. I just need to shorten my evening time to a few hours rather than 1 am.

9. Schedule coffee treats. I always have an excuse to go get a coffee from the drive thru. Not much sleep, it’s Monday, fun day planned, picture I need to take, kids are wild, it’s Friday, it’s the weekend, etc. But it’s expensive! So I’m changing it to 2 days per week. Saves money and makes it more of a special treat!

10. Continue working on minimalism. The past year I have really cut back on the things we have and buy. We have gotten rid of pointless toys, extra clothing, clutter in cupboards and closets, and it’s so nice! I still have a bit of work to do, but it’s something I enjoy doing. Working towards less laundry, less mess, and more free time!

I’m excited to share and post how it all goes! Hope you all have a super happy week!


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