My Little Baker

Baking is one of the more enjoyable past times in life. You can create and bake beautiful, delicious masterpieces. I used to be more of a cooker over baker, but that changed a few years ago. Probably thanks to Pinterest and all the absolutely gorgeous recipes I found. I started baking muffins, cheesecakes, pies, homemade pop tarts, breads, cakes, coffee cakes, cupcakes, and I still have so many more on my to do list! Besides baking being so satisfying and relaxing, you get to eat and enjoy it too!

My 8 year old, pictured here, took up an extraordinary interest in baking, much to my hearts delight. We bought her a kids baking recipe book for her 8th birthday and it was honestly life changing for her. She’s made her own bread, homemade pop tarts, cookies, cute little breakfast toasts, and a cake!

She’s always been an extremely active child. Even as a baby! She doesn’t stop moving. But when she starts baking, you can literally sense and see her calming. She focuses on reading the recipe, measuring out the ingredients, doing everything exactly the way it needs to be done. With all the things she has made, none have failed. She puts every ounce of determination into everything she creates. Her glow of happiness at letting her siblings and my husband and I try her baked goods is written all over her face.

Today, wearing the apron my mom made me when I was her age, she put together pie crust from my favorite recipe book, Butter Baked Goods. She wanted to take it out of the fridge this evening and roll it out to make some pies, but time got away from us. Tomorrow will be spent pie making!

I love this bonding time I get to share with her and it’s done so much good for both of us. I love seeing her sense of pride and satisfaction from something she’s made. Her joy of baking is something I’m going to keep encouraging and helping her further her skills with. Who knows, maybe she’ll own her own bakery someday! 😜

Hope you enjoyed and I’ll share her finished products in my weekly photo roundup! Have a lovely night!

❤️ Bethany


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