St. Pete Beach, Florida Photo Journal

Last May, my hubby and I took our second solo trip since marriage and having children! Two years prior, we had done our first, going to St. Pete Beach, Florida. When we got the chance to go again (youngest weaned from nursing and I not pregnant, haha), we had to go back! We love this place so much. It’s the absolute perfect getaway. And since it’s so so cold right now, I decided to do a little browsing through warm weather photos and thought I’d share my favorites from the trip with you!

The cottage we stayed in. Sunset Inn and Villages, in Treasure Island. Which is about a half mile or so from St. Pete Beach! This place was the cutest! Tucked away down a little street right across from the beach. We spent the evenings watching the sunset here and picking shells! Hundreds of shells in so many pretty colors! Our evenings at Sunset Beach! I was so happy to get a photo of us together. I’m always too bashful to ask anyone, thank goodness someone came up and offered!🙈 And that last pic above, my hubby did my hair!! He seriously braided it and put it up. I was shocked when it actually looked cute!😂

My hubbys favorite place. I think we went here everyday! It’s a little shop in a strip of stores in John’s Pass. We love taking some time to stroll through them with iced coffees!Fort DeSoto State Park. Beautiful beach and lots of fun history! Plus they have dolphins just hanging around on the end of the pier by the fisherman. And weird looking birds! Pass-A-Grille Beach! We love beach hopping around there since they’re all so close together. And all the towns are so cute and quaint! I honestly could spend hours browsing the shops but my hubby is not a shopping type guy.😂Our last evening had a quick storm roll through right after we ate dinner out on the John’s Pass Boardwalk. We got ice cream and went back to Sunset Beach to watch the storm roll away. It was such a perfect night to end the perfect trip! I can’t wait to go back here again someday. I don’t think we will ever vacation anywhere else!

Trips are such a perfect way to have a reconnection in marriage and get a break from the day to day. It’s crazy how little time we actually have to ever focus on each other. And it’s so important! Time to start planning our next getaway!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY first day of February! (That much closer to spring!)

❤️ Bethany

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