Planning a Family Getaway!

We still have around a month until the official start date of spring. Weather wise, I am crossing my fingers it will happen a little earlier. This winter has been so long and so cold. I’m ready for a getaway! As are the children.

I have started extensively planning our trips the more children we have. It makes the trips go a lot smoother and leaves very little time wasted wondering where to eat and what to do. We used to spend countless hours driving around thinking of what we were in the mood for or where would be a decent place to bring kids besides parks. Not park fans here! I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite planning tips!

1. Find a coffee and breakfast shop.

This is always my favorite part! There are two apps I use for all of my trip planning. Trip Advisor and Pinterest. Trip Advisor will give you the highest rated places plus reviews. Pinterest will give you photos of the unique! I search both of these and see also if they are places that are kid friendly. I look at the menus to make sure it has things we all like to avoid any disappointment!

2. Where to Stay.

When finding a place to stay while you’re on your vacation, I always always make sure it has a fun and kid friendly pool area. Our kids love nothing more than an evening play in the pool! We don’t typically do any meals at hotels as we love trying new places so I don’t much look at that. Room photos are essential! Hotel rooms are pretty standard but I like hotels that have a fun and unique characteristic to the room. Pinterest is amazing at giving you unique hotels wherever you’re going!

3. Where and what to eat.

We love trying new restaurants and ones that are unique are always the best! Again, I make sure the places are kid friendly in both atmosphere and food. I also plan out every meal and restaurant for our stay. Breakfast through dinner! That’s one area that really saves time to plan.

4. A Yummy Treat.

We love ice cream and desserts on vacations! Especially outdoor ones. This one in the photographs is one of my favorites! A little drive in with walk up ordering and a fenced in play area for the kiddos! It’s our go to during the summer in Minnesota. I always find a special ice cream place for our getaways!

5. Things to Do.

We are a bit picky on what we do on our travels. I really research these out! You want to find places that are going to be fun for both you and the kids! There are so many fun and exciting things besides parks that us and the kids have the best time at! Do make sure you check out pricing beforehand if you’re planning your trip on a budget. We have found many amazing free places (Storybook Island in Rapid City, SD pictured above) and many that are just outrageous! But we haven’t found that out until we are all so excited about it and end up forking out quite a bit for it.

6. Relax!

Don’t spend your whole time doing the go go go thing! Take some time to relax and enjoy your together time. Bonfires on a quiet beach are one of the our favorite ways in the summer. If there’s no beach nearby, take a walk and enjoy the evening!

Those are just a couple of the things I plan for trips! Plan plan plan and your trip will go so much smoother!

❤️ Bethany


One thought on “Planning a Family Getaway!

  1. SixLaslavics says:

    We aren’t park people either . I actually steer very far from them. A good beach is always the starting place of planning for me .
    Now that our kiddos are a smidge older we attempted indoor ice cream place but we still usually end up outside because of my youngest, lol !


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