Pump House Coffee & Deli : Deadwood, SD

Nestled in the quaint, touristy town of Deadwood, South Dakota, lies our favorite coffee shop yet. Pump House Coffee and Deli. Unique! Cute! Vintage! Amazing coffee! This place is the best! .

The interior is vibrant and colorful, decked out with a gas station theme. Vintage cans line the shelves, old memorabilia set up in a cluttered yet ordered manner. The vibe in here is absolutely perfect. I wished they had taken longer to make our drinks just so we could have had more time to check out all the cool decor!

Adding on to an already awesome scene, they have an attached garage where they blow glass! You can order your coffee and treat and then turn to watch glass blowing while you wait. I could have sat here all day! We were in awe. We stopped here both days we were in Deadwood. When I say they have amazing coffee, I mean it is amaaaazing! I’ve been to many different coffee shops around the Midwest, Florida, Washington state, and Pump House is still my favorite! I’ve yet to come across another decorated in this unique style. You know it’s good too when my husband was loving it (He’s not too keen on the price you have to pay for coffees as opposed to making a straight up black coffee at home).

If you ever wander into Deadwood, stop here first thing. It will start your whole adventure happily and caffeinated!

Happy Tuesday!

❤️ Bethany

One thought on “Pump House Coffee & Deli : Deadwood, SD

  1. Nicole Laslavic says:

    Oh my gosh that place looks awesome! I’m not sure we’ll be in South Dakota anytime soon but if we ever are I’ll definitely make it a point to stop there!! It looks like you’re having pretty nice weather too!


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