We Are Knitters | Udon Blanket XXL Kit

Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! Today, I’m sharing the details of the We Are Knitters Udon Blanket XXL kit.

We Are Knitters emailed me recently about trying out a kit of theirs. They let me choose a kit and yarn color and I went with the Udon Blanket XXL in the color #skylovers (that’s literally what it’s called, hashtag and all) I have a serious love of the sky colors and I’ve never seen this color yarn before, so I’m pretty excited! It’s a light salmon and a light blue kind of blended together. It’s incredibly pretty!

The kit contains 9 skeins of their “The Wool”. If you’ve never used their “The Wool”, it’s like strands of heaven. Haha. But for real, it’s thick, super soft, and uber cozy knit up! The best part is, it knits up really fast. So you’re not spending half your life knitting one project.

The kit also came with a set of their wooden straight knitting needles, a little page of stickers, a tag for your blanket, and embroidery needles for the finishing.

Here’s a better shot of my pumpkin cake 😆. You can’t have a decent knitting session without a treat and coffee.I can’t wait to get started on this blanket and show you the end results! It’s going to be amaaaazing!

Hope your Monday was fabulous and coffee filled!


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