A Weekend in Whitefish and Kalispell, MT

At the end of July, we took our annual family roadtrip to the west coast. I’d just been in Minnesota the week before trying to get our expedition ready for the trip as it was having some issues. Let’s just say, I pretty much gave myself a mechanic degree in the process! After many trips to the shop, it was ready to go the day before we left. I’ll use this moment to let you know that if you happen to have a car problem, research it before you bring it in and tell them what it most likely is. It’ll save you some money.

The ten hour drive to Whitsfish went pretty well! I drove the entire trip, because I love driving and my husband doesn’t, plus I don’t trust anyone but myself driving. After going through the mountainous roadway in Glacier, we reached Columbia Falls, where we stopped to meet my brother in law and his wife and kids. Since we hadn’t eaten, we picked up some burgers at Mudman Burgers, which is pretty much the most delicious place ever. I’m obsessed. And then our car wouldn’t back up. Turns out the serpentine belt was shredded up. Long story short, we had been going through serpentine belts a lot. But we got it fixed and thank goodness it hadn’t gone out while I was driving through Glacier.

We checked into our motel in Whitefish afterwards, which is by far one of the cutest motels I’ve stayed in! It’s called Chalet Motel Whitefish. Retro, cozy, cute. I loved all the details they included in their interior designing and the vibe they completely nailed. Plus they had a dog roaming around that the kids adored!

That evening we went to Whitefish City Beach to swim for a bit and then headed to Coldstone in Kalispell for an evening treat. Unfortunately, much to my chagrin, I didn’t get an evening coffee because apparently nobody loves coffee as much as I do (🤣) and the coffee shops out there tend to close earlier. Take note.

The next day we went into Glacier National Park. When just our family went last year, we did a little hiking and checking out waterfalls. This year since we weren’t alone, we just went to let the kids swim in Lake MacDonald. I love seeing this lake though so it was all good. The water here was much colder than at Whitefish City Beach, but crystal clear and refreshing. The rocks not as colorful as photos online, but still pretty nonetheless.

After Glacier, we ventured onward to Kalispell. We went through the Drive Thru of Frugals for burgers, which was also really good but not as good as Mudmans. However, much more affordable for families. We brought them to the Woodland Park to eat and then let the kids go feed the ducks in the pond. This park is super gorgeous and pleasantly quiet. There’s trees, a flower garden, a couple playgrounds (I’m not a playground fan though) and then the duck pond with a water fountain. It’s really a lovely place to spend the afternoon!

The next morning we went to Krispy Kreme to grab donuts and Starbucks for coffee. I know, kind of lame. I always research and find new coffee shops to try on trips, but it was a hectic morning. After that, we went to Dollar Tree to stock up on snacks, said our goodbyes, and headed onwards to the west coast!

Washington trip to come!


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