A Night in Billings, Montana

I love Billings. It’s got the style of a huge city like Minneapolis, whilst only a fraction of the size. No crazy interstates, missing exits, getting lost. I enjoy going to Minneapolis every once in awhile, so many cute donut and coffee shops, but driving around there is the worst. Anytime I’m thinking of heading there, I scrutinize the maps to find the easiest routes. Billings, no problem. They’ve got the one ways, sure, but they make it drivable.

We arrived in Billings late Saturday afternoon and checked into our hotel, Big Horn Resort. I honestly couldn’t believe my luck, we got such a good deal on this! It must be the time of the year, but it cost a mere $114 for the night. This was for a suite with a separate bedroom with a king size bed, massive bathroom with a jacuzzi, separate living area with a queen bed and pull out couch. I was pretty darn pleased. I’m not one who favorites bringing kids to swimming pools, so I figured the jacuzzi would suffice as a replacement. Which it did well. Even though the waterpark was right outside our window. Win for me.

Billings has two Target stores. I’ve discovered the one on Main Street is my favorite. Fewer people, nicer. Have you ever noticed how some targets seem dark and oddly crowded? I do not entertain those.

We headed out to Target for some things we forgot and to do a little browsing. Then a jaunt over to the Dollar Tree, of course. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but my husband has this love for dollar tree and since we don’t have one in our town, he goes there every chance he gets. I wait in the car with the younger kids. It was five fifty pm as I sat in the car, doing Snapchat filters with the kids, when I noticed the sun sink below the horizon. Goodbye, October. Hello, winter darkness.

If there’s one view I’ve waited years to see, it’s the view of the city lights in Billings, high up on the Rimrocks. I finally got it this trip! It strategically worked out. We left dollar tree, grabbed coffee at City Brew and were headed to Krispy Kreme, when I saw on maps that the longer route went up across the Rimrocks. I had my husband take it and then pull over in a parking lot at the top so I could jump out to see it and snap a few photos. It was amazing. Serene and beautiful and the colors of the sparkling lights lit me up.

Little funny story. My husband isn’t really into pretty things like I am, so he was just waiting in the car with the kids. I had him get out to take a photo with me and he obliged. He noticed I was holding my coffee and says, “you know it’s not cooool to be showing off your coffee in pictures.” He obviously doesn’t understand the photographer lifestyle. So anyway, he said he’ll just point at my coffee to let everyone know I was trying to be cool. Hence my “do I look like I care” smile. 🤣

We ended the evening with Krispy Kreme donuts. These are a rare thing to find and we always get them if we can! I’d seen online that they had some fun Halloween ones and thought we’d all enjoy them! We also enjoyed a good laugh when we got them and saw they looked absolutely nothing like they were supposed to. The sixteen year old boys working apparently weren’t too skilled in decorating donuts. The donuts were still delicious as always.

The evening was spent taking turns in the jacuzzi, ordering Thai food delivery, and relaxing. The next day, we packed up and checked out. First stop was City Brew for coffee, which unfortunately wasn’t good this time. Serious bummer because coffee in the morning on trips is essential. Then I placed an order for breakfast at The Sassy Biscuit Co. It looked amazing and one of my favorite parts of trips is finding cute restaurants. Of course they need to be delicious too. This place had good reviews and the menu was phenomenal. They source all of their ingredients from local farms!

Oh, we also had to go to another dollar tree before heading to pick up our breakfast. Like I said, haha.

The Sassy Biscuit Co is the cutest shop! I absolutely loved the style inside. We were just doing pickup, but at least I got to check it out. And the food! Oh my goodness, it was amazing. Like insane. I got cinnamon vanilla waffles with a sweet gravy and they were divine. Ty got a bacon, cheddar, egg with garlic aioli breakfast sandwich. Also beyond perfect. If he thought it was that good, we can all rest assured it was. He couldn’t stop raving about it. He would make a good food critic I often think.

We tried getting more coffee at a different city brew to make up for the terrible morning coffee, but it was just as bad. I see why people often just get Starbucks no matter what. They’re typically stable. We then went to see the Moss Mansion, which supposedly is haunted, but alas, they were closed for taking down Halloween decorations. So we decided that was the end and we will head on home!

I love driving freeways so I drove both ways, because driving with a speed limit of 80 is really fun. We also got to see the most beautifully colored sunset I’d seen in a long time. ❤️

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