The Summer Daisy Sweater

This sweater pattern I released back in April, but never got around to posting here. I needed something fun and bright and airy for spring and summer! I like to mix up stitches with big cotton projects because it helps the knitting seem to go by faster. Any knitting of continuously the same stitch tendsContinue reading “The Summer Daisy Sweater”

Happy Saturday!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a super fabulous awesome weekend! This week has been so hectic and crazy for me, between my car breaking down and trying to find ways to get from point a to b, to just regular life! Car troubles are the worst! I feel like I should always haveContinue reading “Happy Saturday!”

The Kels Marie Sweater

Spring is coming! Happy days. I decided to do one last oversized chunky knit to end the winter season. I’m not sad about winter leaving, but knitting these super fast knits on big needles was a big upside to winter. The Kels Marie sweater took about eight hours to knit! When you’re short on time,Continue reading “The Kels Marie Sweater”