Happy Love Co was created by Bethany Byman out of a desire to share and create knitwear that inspires happiness and love.

Since I was young, I always made drawings of different styles and would hang them all over my bedroom walls. I honestly never dreamed someday I’d be knitting things straight out of my imagination. I never knew anybody who knit, still don’t in real life, and honestly knew absolutely nothing about it.

I’ll never forget the day I decided to try knitting. I had been out talking with my dad one evening and looking at some gift ideas on Free Peoples website. There was a knit blanket. I looked at it shocked, the price was outrageous! It actually still is, because I have since knit that exact blanket and it only took a couple hours. But anyway, I clicked on who made it, saw it was a yarn company. I ordered some yarn and needles, went on YouTube and taught myself to knit. That was just about 4 years ago now.

I’m still not an experienced knitter, but I don’t think everyone needs to be. I set out to design sweaters that people with basic knitting skills can make. I had started to notice most of the patterns out there were needlessly complex. I couldn’t do a majority of them. I like colorful and oversized knits and that’s how most of my patterns are. A little unique and fun to make!

I love life. I love traveling. I love iced coffee. Specifically iced dark chocolate mocha, nonfat, half sweet, extra shot, no whip. Haha. I love seeing new places, adventuring, thunderstorms, summer, the ocean, a few good friends, my family, photography, clothing, daily exercise, healthy eating, pizza, m and m’s, texting, and being the best person I can be. I hope you enjoy a look around!