Hey there! I’m Bethany, a mama of four plus one on the way! A simple rundown of who I am: I love knitting, photography, design, iced coffee, baking, creating whatever I can think of, fitness, traveling, and being with the people I love the most!

Over the past couple years as we have added more children to our growing family, we have starting thinking a lot about the little things in life. Simplicity. Minimalization. The more kids you have, the more stuff accumulates. It adds a lot of unneeded stress. We have decided to change the way things have been and focus more on the happy and loving parts of life. That doesn’t come from loading our home with toys and unnecessary items. It comes from the relationships we create and nurture within our lives and the special memories we make. We have changed to a mindset of quality over quantity.

I created this blog to share the simple things of our life. The simple things that bring happiness, love, and joy into each of us. I hope to give some inspiration to other mamas out there. Not to look at what others have on Instagram and in your daily life, but focus on creating your own unique you! Be who you are, who you want to be, and enjoy every step of the way!

Thank you for stopping by!

Please feel free to send me a note of any questions or comments @ happyloveco89@gmail.com or via DM on Instagram!