One Month until Valentines Day!

One month until Valentines Day! Who’s excited?! I looove Valentines Day. All the pretty pink and red and flowers and love. Everything is so cute and happy. I love spending the whole month before valentines day in the Valentine’s Day mood. I mean, why not.

The next month is going to fly by, so now is the perfect time to get started on your Valentines sweater! Wear it for your valentines coffee run, lounging around home, or date nights! Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be reading this now, the Candy Hearts sweater pattern is $4 for the weekend! 👏🏻 Get it here!

My candy hearts sweater pattern is one of my favorites that I always wear around Valentines Day. I’m actually hoping to have another new design up this year, we’ll see if I get the time! But for now, this one is the one I wear.

This is a beginner friendly and easy pattern. New knitters won’t have any problem working this one up! The “hearts” on the front are optional, but are just made using the duplicate stitch method. The remainder of the candy hearts sweater is knit in stockinette stitch and a couple rows of yarn overs with a knit two together. Like that’s it. You got this.

The colors and yarn I used for this sweater are We Are Knitters petite wool in “millennial pink” for the body pieces, and the We Are Knitters meriwool in “sprinkle fantasy” for the sleeves. The hearts were made using scrap petite wool colors.

If you’d like to make this sweater larger or smaller, it’s super easy to adjust. I would say this is an adult sized medium. For a larger size. simply add 8 stitches to your cast on and knit an extra 6 rows. For a smaller fit, deduct 6 stitches from your cast on and deduct 4 rows from the length.

Here’s a couple of the candy hearts sweaters that have been knit up by you lovely people!

@lilstitchesbylily on Instagram
@rosazielstra on Instagram
@knittingforniklas on Instagram

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Balancing Life as A Mama and Knitwear Designer

I have had many people come to me with the question: Where in the world do you find the time to knit with 5 kids? I decided I’ll write a post to better help you all out, as much as I can.

Everyone’s life situation is different and mine is no exception. I have five children (almost six!), the oldest is 12 and the youngest is 3. I started knitting five years ago now, when my fourth youngest was ten months old. I am a full time mama to my kids, my husband works long days and has since my oldest was 2. I’ve homeschooled my kids since the oldest started kindergarten. We love traveling and do it as often as we can. My family lives in Minnesota, so that’s where most of my traveling is to. But we love taking random weekend trips and adventures here and there as well!

I’ll do another post on what my typical day looks like, although they vary greatly. But for the most part, where my knitting falls into place is always the same. I tend to leave my current knitting project on the kitchen counter during the day. It gives me easy access to sneak in a couple rows here and there. When the kids are eating lunch, I’ll do a few rows. If they’re all quietly occupied, I’ll do a few rows. Just a little bit when I can helps move it along.

Most of my knitting happens in the evening after the kids are in bed. I have way too much going on during the day to make good progress. Even though my kids are pretty good at doing lessons and playing together, I like to be present with them. Knitting takes focus and I can’t fully be present while doing it. Some can! I always hear of people who do other things while knitting and more power to them, but I just can’t do that. I can’t even talk to people while I knit, I need to pause! 🙈 I’ve messed up my work one too many times whilst trying to have a conversation while knitting.

So after the kids are in bed and I’ve done the evening cleaning, made my husbands lunch for work the next day, and switch laundry (it’s never ending!) then I’ll go back to my knitting. I typically get about one to two hours in during the evening.

When traveling, I rarely knit. If I’m in Minnesota, I might do a few rows here and there. But otherwise, I don’t knit on trips. Not even in the car. I love seeing the scenery and sipping my iced coffees when I’m the passenger, regardless of where we are. Sometimes I’ll try read a book, but there’s something I enjoy about having time to do nothing and just gaze out the window. I actually love driving, so I don’t spend much time in the passenger seat anyway!

Again, everyone’s life is different with different obligations. So the advice I can leave you with is this: knit when you can! Leave your project in an accessible spot so you can pick it up when you have a moment. If you like to knit while riding in the car, do it! Don’t stress about when you’re going to have time to knit, it’s not worth it. If I spend too many evenings in a row knitting, I end up getting burnt out. I’ll take off an evening or two and read a book instead. It helps a lot! It might be hard at first to know you need a break, the anxiety about finishing it will creep in, but in the long run, it’ll take faster.

Don’t compare yourself to the people who seem to whip out projects left and right. Their lives are different too. Do what you are able. Do what works for you. Life is meant to be enjoyed and fun!

After Christmas Sale on NOW!

I hope everybody had a super wonderful and merry Christmas! As I only have a few weeks left of this pregnancy, we decided to stay at home this year and enjoy Christmas with just our family. Unfortunately we did also have a couple sick kids, which is such a bummer. Really, the only couple days of the year where you really would rather not be sick! I’m really crossing my fingers that this is their last illness of the season.

The season of sales is almost over and this will be my last big sale for a while! All patterns, including bundles, are currently 25% off through the 28th. Then I have another exciting thing happening, so you will want to stay tuned for that!

My patterns are all fairly easy and I’ve had many levels of knitters knit them. But I do get frequently asked what I would recommend personally as a first sweater for the newest of new knitters.

My top picks for all of you new knitters joining us are :

The Winter Blues Sweater

Skills needed: Casting on, 2×2 ribbing, stockinette stitch, make one stitch, bind off, seaming

The Kels Marie Pullover

Skills Needed: Casting on, twisted rib, yarn over and knit two stitches together (just for edges) make one stitch, bind off, seaming

The Cropped Striped Winter Sweater

Skills Needed: Casting on, twisted rib, stockinette stitch, changing colors, make a new stitch, bind off, seaming

The Candy Hearts Sweater

Skills Needed: casting on, stockinette stitch, garter stitch, twisted ribbing, yarn over and knit two stitches together (just for accent on sleeve cuffs) bind off, seaming, duplicate stitch (for “hearts”)

I try to be available for help as needed for my knitters out there. So please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance. I do have five children though so I might not always get back to you immediately, but I try!

I wish you all the happiest final days of 2021!

Love, Bethany

The Holiday Season is here!

Technically, it kind of isn’t, but at the same time, it kind of is. We’ve always waited until thanksgiving evening to put up the tree and all the Christmas decorations and reaaally get the Christmas vibes going. Which I probably will still. But on the knitwear and knitting side of things, let all of the holiday vibes commence! 🎄

The left sweater is last years Christmas design and the right is the years before. I absolutely looove designing and knitting Christmas sweaters! It’s so festive and fun and gets me that much more excited for the season.

Then you have all the coffee shops bringing out the holiday drinks, which is just the best. Although I’m quite unimpressed that Starbucks isn’t having the egg nog latte this year. That’s the only holiday drink I like there! At least I can get it at Caribou when we go out of town, and I’ve figured out how to make them at home as well. But still, kind of a bummer!

We took a day trip to the “city” over the weekend and I kind of did a little splurging at Target on all things Christmas. Including a snowman toilet seat cover and rug. My husband wasn’t with me in the store, a couple of my daughters were, and we hurried to check out when he texted that he was coming in with the boys. I showed him the toilet seat cover, when we got home, and he asked how old did I think we were? 🤣 It was too cute to pass up. Much as I wanted to put all the stuff up right away, I put everything in a bag in the closet to save for after thanksgiving. Sigh. Willpower needed!

Back to the sweaters. This sweater is seriously the coziest thing ever. It was my first time using the big cotton from Loopy Mango and I love it. The yarn is so gorgeous and silky soft, and has a perfectly heavy drape to it. You must try it at some point! Maybe to knit this Christmas sweater?!

Then we have the Christmas tree sweater. I knit that one in Wool and the Gangs shiny happy cotton, but you can use We Are Knitters “the cotton” as well, or any other similar weight yarn. It’s been a favorite of many! That was my first time doing the duplicate stitch technique and I fell in love with it. It’s so fun to add a little something to really make it stand out!

This was my Christmas outfit last year (won’t be this year as I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant) unless I can somehow find red maternity leggings, which would be amazing. It felt so fun to dress up in something festive that I made!

I will have another sweater for the holidays coming soon! I am super excited about it and hope to have it for you all by thanksgiving! And no worries, it’ll be a quick knit.:)

Happy Monday!


My Favorite Wool Yarns

When I first started knitting, I had absolutely no clue where to look for yarn. We don’t have any yarn stores within hours of us so I had to look online. I actually first found and fell in love with the colors and sparkles. I ordered a few skeins from there and tried it out. It’s absolutely stunning yarn, but a bit out of my price range. It’s fun for a unique project once in awhile.

My go to is We Are Knitters “the wool” or Wool and the Gangs “crazy sexy wool”. For a few reasons. I love the look of it. It’s gorgeous. It’s a yarn I could just stare and for hours and envision all the lovely pieces it could create. Second, if you catch it on sale or buy a bundle, it’s not that badly priced. I know a lot of people still don’t want to spend that much, but if you’re knitting something you’re going to keep forever, it’s worth it. I really only order these yarns for my wool projects. Plus, they knit up super quick, which is what we all want!

My very top color way and choice is by far We Are Knitters “the wool” in the color way yarnicorn. It’s a fav of everyone. It sells out super quick every time they restock it and I highly recommend getting on their email list so you can snag a few skeins when it’s available! This yarn is so breathtaking that you could honestly knit anything and it’s going to be spectacular. It’s that good.

All of my chunky wool knit patterns are knit in either of these yarns and you can swap between the two as they work up and gauge the same. I swear there is nothing more exciting than picking out new colors for projects. It’s the highlight of every design I create!

If you’re looking for patterns in these yarns, click the shop button in the menu above! A couple favorites of many is the winter blues sweater and the lost road trip cardigan pictured below. The winter blues sweater is an easy pattern and many have knit it as their first sweater! The lost road trip cardigan is a bit more for advanced beginners, but can be knit easier if preferred. I’ve had a few people ask how to knit it without the distressing details, and all you will do is simply knit in stockinette stitch, without adding the make ones (except for sleeve increases), yarn overs, or dropping stitches. If you decide not to do those, it’s an easy level.:)

Happy knitting!


Happy Saturday!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a super fabulous awesome weekend! This week has been so hectic and crazy for me, between my car breaking down and trying to find ways to get from point a to b, to just regular life! Car troubles are the worst! I feel like I should always have a backup vehicle for when things like this happen. But I know one way or another, things will work out! Not going to stress about it.

I decided to throw a little weekend sale through tomorrow evening! All patterns in my shop are currently 25% off, so go scoop them up while you can!

I’m working on a new spring design here! It took me a week to get a grip on an idea for it. When I’m using multiple yarn colors, I have so many ideas in my head that I sit here forever tossing them all over until I can finally settle on one. And then when I start knitting it, it changes a few more times. 😂 I love it. I’m trying to use a majority of one color because of the fact that We Are Knitters and probably other yarn companies as well, are out of stock in quite a few of their yarns. But you know me, it’s definitely going to have a little color.

This is the color line up for this design. It will mainly be this natural shade of cotton from We Are Knitters, which I have ten of. Then I have a few fun tropical colors to accent it. I’m so happy I’ve been stocking up on cotton yarn for the past couple years because now I have quite a few random colors.

I’m so so happy spring is coming. Nothing quite lifts the mood like sunshine, warm weather, flowers, and being outdoors. I’m trying to plan a couple sweaters for my florida trip in April. This current project will be one of them, and then I want to do one more. Maybe a completely solid basic one. Much as I love lots of color and fun designs, one good go with everything sweater is a must! I’ll keep you all updated.😊

Have a happy weekend!