My Favorite Wool Yarns

When I first started knitting, I had absolutely no clue where to look for yarn. We don’t have any yarn stores within hours of us so I had to look online. I actually first found and fell in love with the colors and sparkles. I ordered a few skeins from there and tried it out. It’s absolutely stunning yarn, but a bit out of my price range. It’s fun for a unique project once in awhile.

My go to is We Are Knitters “the wool” or Wool and the Gangs “crazy sexy wool”. For a few reasons. I love the look of it. It’s gorgeous. It’s a yarn I could just stare and for hours and envision all the lovely pieces it could create. Second, if you catch it on sale or buy a bundle, it’s not that badly priced. I know a lot of people still don’t want to spend that much, but if you’re knitting something you’re going to keep forever, it’s worth it. I really only order these yarns for my wool projects. Plus, they knit up super quick, which is what we all want!

My very top color way and choice is by far We Are Knitters “the wool” in the color way yarnicorn. It’s a fav of everyone. It sells out super quick every time they restock it and I highly recommend getting on their email list so you can snag a few skeins when it’s available! This yarn is so breathtaking that you could honestly knit anything and it’s going to be spectacular. It’s that good.

All of my chunky wool knit patterns are knit in either of these yarns and you can swap between the two as they work up and gauge the same. I swear there is nothing more exciting than picking out new colors for projects. It’s the highlight of every design I create!

If you’re looking for patterns in these yarns, click the shop button in the menu above! A couple favorites of many is the winter blues sweater and the lost road trip cardigan pictured below. The winter blues sweater is an easy pattern and many have knit it as their first sweater! The lost road trip cardigan is a bit more for advanced beginners, but can be knit easier if preferred. I’ve had a few people ask how to knit it without the distressing details, and all you will do is simply knit in stockinette stitch, without adding the make ones (except for sleeve increases), yarn overs, or dropping stitches. If you decide not to do those, it’s an easy level.:)

Happy knitting!


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