Fantasy Unicorn Beanie | Free Pattern

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d share with you my fantasy unicorn knitting pattern! 👏🏻

I ordered a few skeins of this We Are Knitters “yarnicorn” colored wool right after they released it. I knew it would be something gorgeous! And it really is. More amazing than the photos even show! It’s all the best colors woven into one beautiful ball.

We originally were planning on knitting scarves with it, but the girls needed beanies and we did scarves last year. I am sooo happy we changed our minds! What better thing to make than unicorn hats with unicorn yarn?!

I did some googling and pinteresting (?!) to see what kind of unicorn hat I could make. Maybe I didn’t look long or hard enough, but I just couldn’t find the perfect looking one. So I decided to wing it and see what happened! The results were exactly what I’d hoped for.

The unicorn obsessed girls you know will all love it! She wears it constantly. Indoors, outdoors, playing unicorn..

She chose the colors for the mane. If I’m knitting something for the kids, I love letting them pick out something for it. They will love it that much more!

Give it a go! Feel free to email me with any questions or comments and I’d love to see photos of your finished unicorn hat!



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