The Happy Love Co Christmas Sweater

Happy Friday!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! It seems this whole year the weeks have just been flying by. Winter will be over before we know it! 😆Hopefully the holiday season doesn’t go too fast, but I don’t mind the rest of winter having a little hurrying up! I launched this pattern yesterday, the same day Starbucks released their holiday drink line. Totally unplanned, but totally worked out for me! I love the free reusable cup I got with my drink! Totally random, but McDonald’s is running a 40th anniversary happy meal toy surprise from yesterday through the 11th (what’s with yesterday being a launch day?!) . I’d seen they would have those cute mini beanie babies they had when we were kids, or tomagotchies! My kids were so excited! So I got them happy meals yesterday, and surprise surprise, nothing good. No beanie babies, no tamagotchis. Some little plastic garbage toys. Always!😂 Back to this sweater. I knit this up last year, exactly about this time! I had wanted to knit a Christmas sweater with these colors for awhile and finally got a little time to do it. I love pink with red and green. It’s so festive and not too over the top. I feel it gives it a more subtle and pretty feel. It’s knit in two basic stitches, garter and stockinette, with a little 1×1 ribbing on the waist and sleeves. Garter adds so much texture and the stockinette makes the perfect basic template for adding detail to. The Christmas tree! This sweater is a suitable knit for beginners or more advanced knitters. I like to keep my patterns simple enough that all levels can knit them. When I first started knitting, I’d find patterns saying beginner that definitely were not. The knitting language was so hard to understand, especially when you had no idea what was what! So, here’s to keeping it simple yet cute. It’s possible.❤️

To purchase your Happy Love Co Christmas sweater pattern, click the Shop link on the menu or the link below.

Have a lovely weekend!


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