Design | The Candy Hearts Sweater

My latest design, the Candy Hearts Sweater. I started this piece back in November and had originally planned on it being a Christmas sweater. But I forgot how busy the weeks before Christmas get and didn’t get the time to even finish half of it! After things settled down a bit, I got to it.

This sweater is a pretty simple knit. I like to keep my designs easy, so even beginner knitters can attempt them. I typically avoid any shaping on the body panels because I love the look of the dropped shoulder so much! I live for slouchy, cozy tops.

I was going to do the full sweater in pink, but changed my mind when I was going through my yarn and saw some leftover speckled meriwool. It added such a perfect contrast to the sweater! I also decided to add a little to the wrists just for something extra.

In all honesty, I made a little mistake and didn’t discover it until I went to seaming the sweater. I realized one body panel was wider than the other. This turned out to my advantage! It gave such a cute roll to the neckline in front! And for how that mistake came to happen, I’d lost my original page with the cast on amount. So I’d tried counting the rows and obviously mis counted. But I LOVE how it looks!

I then finished it off with a little bit of duplicate stitch on the front to create “hearts”. And there, it turned into my perfect Valentines Day sweater!

If you’d like to purchase the pattern for the Candy Hearts Sweater, click here.


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