Yarn Substitutes

This isn’t a complete list, but this is what I have seen used so far!:) If you have any you’d like added, let me know!

Patterns: Winter Blues Pullover Sweater, Winter Blues Cardigan, All Smiles Tomorrow Sweater, Fancy Sleeves Jumper, Feelin’ Like Fall Jumper, Max Hoodie Cardigan, Happy Place Cardigan, Striped Cropped Sweater, Go With the Flow Crop

Patterns: Inez Summer Sweater, Kyla Striped Pullover, Kyla Tunic Sweater, The Kenzie Sweater, The Leslie Sweater, The Happy Love Co Christmas Sweater, Spring Vibes Kimono, The Zoey Cardigan, Babs Sweater, Garter Stitch Kimono

Patterns: Bring Me Coffee Cardi and Tropic Sunset Cardi

Hope that gives you guys a little help! I’ll add to this list as I find more.


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