Design | The All Smiles Tomorrow Sweater

Happy Friday! This evening I posted a new design in my Etsy shop. This is the All Smiles Tomorrow Sweater Pattern! This sweater is super warm and cozy and just gives all over happy vibes!

My dad passed away 6 months ago after a short cancer trial. Long and rough ordeal, but only a few short months. Moments before he passed, he smiled and pointed upwards and told us gathered around him, “All smiles tomorrow”. He was an incredibly uplifting person and always had such a positive outlook on life. Him saying that, knowing he just wanted us to continue to be happy, stuck with us all. We will never forget those words.

This sweater is a basic knit! It involves only your basic stockinette stitches and some increases as well as twisted ribbing. Then the smiley face is added on afterwards using the duplicate stitch. If you haven’t worked with duplicate stitch before, there are YouTube videos that explain it fairly well. It’s easy once you’ve got it!

You can purchase the pattern for this sweater by clicking on the Shop link in the menu above, or simply clicking here!


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