Happy Saturday!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a super fabulous awesome weekend! This week has been so hectic and crazy for me, between my car breaking down and trying to find ways to get from point a to b, to just regular life! Car troubles are the worst! I feel like I should always have a backup vehicle for when things like this happen. But I know one way or another, things will work out! Not going to stress about it.

I decided to throw a little weekend sale through tomorrow evening! All patterns in my shop are currently 25% off, so go scoop them up while you can!

I’m working on a new spring design here! It took me a week to get a grip on an idea for it. When I’m using multiple yarn colors, I have so many ideas in my head that I sit here forever tossing them all over until I can finally settle on one. And then when I start knitting it, it changes a few more times. 😂 I love it. I’m trying to use a majority of one color because of the fact that We Are Knitters and probably other yarn companies as well, are out of stock in quite a few of their yarns. But you know me, it’s definitely going to have a little color.

This is the color line up for this design. It will mainly be this natural shade of cotton from We Are Knitters, which I have ten of. Then I have a few fun tropical colors to accent it. I’m so happy I’ve been stocking up on cotton yarn for the past couple years because now I have quite a few random colors.

I’m so so happy spring is coming. Nothing quite lifts the mood like sunshine, warm weather, flowers, and being outdoors. I’m trying to plan a couple sweaters for my florida trip in April. This current project will be one of them, and then I want to do one more. Maybe a completely solid basic one. Much as I love lots of color and fun designs, one good go with everything sweater is a must! I’ll keep you all updated.😊

Have a happy weekend!


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