The Kels Marie Sweater

Spring is coming! Happy days. I decided to do one last oversized chunky knit to end the winter season. I’m not sad about winter leaving, but knitting these super fast knits on big needles was a big upside to winter. The Kels Marie sweater took about eight hours to knit! When you’re short on time, but really really need a new sweater, this is how you do it. Grab your big needles, 25mm (US 50), some big super chunky weight yarn, and get busy!

The Kels Marie sweater uses six skeins of We Are Knitters “the wool”. This colorway, called neon marshmallow, is currently out of stock last I checked. I’m not sure if they have a waiting list for it right now or not, but it’s worth checking and signing up for! It’s literally a dream come true and you do need it in your life.

This sweater is fairly easy to knit. The ribbing is a basic twisted rib. Which, if you’re not familiar with, is knitting and purling through the back loops. It’s super easy and gives it a pretty braided look. I always always use twisted rib! After the ribbing comes a little bit of mesh stitch, or holey stitch, I’ve seen it called a few different things. Then the remainder is knit in your basic stockinette stitch! Nothing complicated. The sleeves have a few increases, and that’s about it! A beginner knitter can knit this sweater. 😊

This sweater just gives me all the happy vibes. And you know we all need as many of those as we can get.

To purchase the Kels Marie sweater pattern to knit for yourself, click the shop link in the menu above!:)


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