The Holiday Season is here!

Technically, it kind of isn’t, but at the same time, it kind of is. We’ve always waited until thanksgiving evening to put up the tree and all the Christmas decorations and reaaally get the Christmas vibes going. Which I probably will still. But on the knitwear and knitting side of things, let all of the holiday vibes commence! 🎄

The left sweater is last years Christmas design and the right is the years before. I absolutely looove designing and knitting Christmas sweaters! It’s so festive and fun and gets me that much more excited for the season.

Then you have all the coffee shops bringing out the holiday drinks, which is just the best. Although I’m quite unimpressed that Starbucks isn’t having the egg nog latte this year. That’s the only holiday drink I like there! At least I can get it at Caribou when we go out of town, and I’ve figured out how to make them at home as well. But still, kind of a bummer!

We took a day trip to the “city” over the weekend and I kind of did a little splurging at Target on all things Christmas. Including a snowman toilet seat cover and rug. My husband wasn’t with me in the store, a couple of my daughters were, and we hurried to check out when he texted that he was coming in with the boys. I showed him the toilet seat cover, when we got home, and he asked how old did I think we were? 🤣 It was too cute to pass up. Much as I wanted to put all the stuff up right away, I put everything in a bag in the closet to save for after thanksgiving. Sigh. Willpower needed!

Back to the sweaters. This sweater is seriously the coziest thing ever. It was my first time using the big cotton from Loopy Mango and I love it. The yarn is so gorgeous and silky soft, and has a perfectly heavy drape to it. You must try it at some point! Maybe to knit this Christmas sweater?!

Then we have the Christmas tree sweater. I knit that one in Wool and the Gangs shiny happy cotton, but you can use We Are Knitters “the cotton” as well, or any other similar weight yarn. It’s been a favorite of many! That was my first time doing the duplicate stitch technique and I fell in love with it. It’s so fun to add a little something to really make it stand out!

This was my Christmas outfit last year (won’t be this year as I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant) unless I can somehow find red maternity leggings, which would be amazing. It felt so fun to dress up in something festive that I made!

I will have another sweater for the holidays coming soon! I am super excited about it and hope to have it for you all by thanksgiving! And no worries, it’ll be a quick knit.:)

Happy Monday!


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