Happy Love Co Kids!

It’s been a long time coming! I’ve had many many requests for kids and toddler patterns over the past couple years and finally, my first two are out!

These two patterns are basic and simple. They are made for fitting roughly ages 1-5 years old. First, we have a pullover with a basic stitch and a cozy slouchy fit. This one is called The Little Cuddles sweater. It’s knit using a super chunky weight wool, sizes 15mm and 25mm straight knitting needles, and works up insanely quick. I mean, like if your little love needs a sweater tomorrow, here you go! As long as you have the spare yarn, of course.

I used a couple skeins of We Are Knitters “the wool” in yarnicorn that I had laying around for this one. Then some accent colors I also had. Maybe 1/2 skein of each. The only skills you need for this one are twisted rib (if you knit my patterns, you know I always use this!), stockinette stitch, bind off, and seaming. Literally it.

Next up is the cutest little oversized cardigan. This one is called the Just Like Mamas cardigan. As it’s a mini of my big designs.:) This one is also knit using a super chunky weight yarn, and sizes 15mm and 25mm straight knitting needles. And it knits up just as fast as the other sweater.

There’s one extra skill needed for the cardigan, which is being able to pick up stitches. Otherwise, it’s all the same stitches and techniques as the other sweater. Easy peasy.

I hope you enjoy! The patterns are available by clicking the menu button above, under Shop.

And don’t forget to share your photos of the finished pieces with me! I love seeing the colors you all come up with.

❤️ Bethany

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