Winter Colors Scarf Design

The Winter Colors Scarf Pattern

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I knit this scarf up over the past week and had so much fun doing it! When I first started knitting, I was really into knitting little mini blankets decorated with pom poms and fringe. I knit so so many of them! But they were basically useless. I didn’t need piles of mini blankets. That’s when I decided to venture a little further into knitting sweaters.

I didn’t want to do a standard stockinette or garter stitch for this piece, so decided to go with a mesh stitch. It’s still nice and warm, but just has a little extra pizazz. Which I like doing for scarves. And I guess my sweaters as well! 😂

This scarf is also, as I like all my knits to be, oversized! There’s just something about knitwear to me that just says, must be oversized. I cannot wear sweaters or scarves that aren’t oversized. Comfort and cozy is key. As well as easy to wear and a little color poppin!

These little extra details were probably my favorite part to do of all! I still had some extra disco down yarn from wool and the gang hanging around. That stuff is so pretty. It’s basically just a really sparkly thin tinsel yarn. I held it together with the wool to make the fringe and love how it just adds a perfect amount of sparkle here and there. I’m all for glitter and gold.

And the pom poms! I can’t believe I’ve never before thought to mix strands of yarn to make them have a tie dye effect! I absolutely love how they turned out. It’s opened up a whole new world of ideas for future projects in my head. Just thinking of the fun colors I could mix. So happy with it!

The pattern for this cozy oversized colorful happy vibes scarf is available in my Etsy shop by clicking on the shop button in the menu above!


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