Knitting Needles 101

Happy Saturday guys! I figured I’d put together a little guide here to the knitting needles that I use in my patterns. I often have people asking where I get my needles, what length they are, etc. I’m hoping this will help everyone out!:)

There are so many knitting needles out there that it’s super easy to get lost in a daze of what in the world you should purchase. Many patterns will vary on whether you are going to need circular or straight needles. On the plus side, if a pattern calls for straight needles, you can use circulars and simply use them as if they were straights. I don’t often use circulars. Very rarely.

Wool and the Gang 25mm needles

I’ll start with the 25mm needles and work down. US these are a size 50. When I first started knitting, I ordered all of my yarn and needles from the Uk. I tend to call my needles by the mm sizing instead of the US sizing.

These needles are 12” in total length and have 11” of workable length.

These needles are typically my go to needles for my super chunky knits and my best selling patterns, The Lost Road Trip Cardi and The Winter Blues Sweater. You can actually fit quite a few stitches on these needles!

The best part about knitting with 25mm needles, is they make a project go super fast! You can seriously knit a sweater in no time at all. The reason I choose to use them for my chunky knits, is they show off the softness of the super chunky yarn. When you use smaller needles, the yarn is more compacted and hence, a bit more firm. I’m just not the biggest fan of that.

They do take a bit of practice to get used to but once you do, you’ll be in love with them!

My circular pair can be purchased from Loopy Mango here.

The straight pair can be purchased from Wool & The Gang here. I will also add, Wool & the Gang does also sell circulars in this size now.:)

We Are Knitters 15mm needles

My next favorite for chunky knits is the 15mm needles. I don’t knit big yarn with any size smaller than these. I sometimes use 12mm for ribbing, but not the main body of the sweaters. This is about the smallest size you can go and still keep the cozy soft feeling of the super chunky yarn.

These needles are 14.5” in total length, with 13.5” in actual workable length. Their website states differently, but I like squishing stitches as far as I can. 🤣

These needles are the ones I use for my All Smiles Tomorrow sweater and Feelin Like Fall Jumper patterns. They too also make for a quick knit!

My 15mm needles can be purchased from We Are Knitters here.

Wool & The Gang 12mm needles

Next up is the 12mm knitting needles from Wool and The Gang. These needles I tend to use mostly for ribbing. The Winter Magic sweater uses these needles for just a few rows. I believe my only full sweater knit with these needles is my Bring Me Coffee Cardi which kind of makes for the same concept as using my 25mm needles with the super chunky yarn. The texture and softness just shines through!

These needles are 13.75” in total length and have 13” in workable length.

You can purchase these needles from Wool & The Gang by clicking here.

Wool & The Gang 8mm needles

My 8mm, US size 11, straight knitting needles are one of the two sizes I use for knitting smaller yarns. I love using these needles for We Are Knitters petite wool, they’re the absolute perfect fit. I also love using an 8 with cotton and having them knit up a bit quicker and have more stretch and an airy feel to them.

These particular needles are 12.75” in total length and 12” in workable.

A couple of my designs using these 8mm needles are the Vintage Princess Cardi and the Candy Hearts Pullover.

We Are Knitters also sells size 8mm needles.

You can purchase these ones from Wool & The Gang by clicking here.

We Are Knitters 5mm needles

Almost every cotton design I knit is using these 5mm, US size 8, knitting needles. They’re the perfect fit for making cotton sweaters! Although they’re currently the smallest size needle I’ve used and take the longest to work up, the result is beautiful.

These needles have a total length of 14.5” and a workable length of 13.5”. You can easily fit many many cotton stitches onto these!

My favorite designs using these needles are my Zoey cardigan and Lorraine tie back tank set, as well as my Inez Summer Sweater pattern! Those are my summer staples and best selling cotton patterns.

You can purchase these needles from We Are Knitters here.

I hope that helps you out! I’ll update these page with other needles I use when/if I use others.:) Have a super fabulous weekend!

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