Sunshine Seeker Sweater

Introducing my latest design, the Sunshine Seeker sweater. Every year at about this time, I go into full on waiting for spring mode. I don’t know what it is about February that says spring is almost here! The days where the sun is streaming in through the back window at 6 pm gives me this warm fuzzy feeling in my soul. Days are getting longer, sun is getting warmer, and spring vibes are in the air.

This sweater is my last chunky wool knit of the season. I added some mesh detail for those days where it’s sort of warm, but not too warm. It’s a perfect balance for the end of winter, heading into spring.

It’s knit up on size 15mm (US 19) straight knitting needles, ensuring a quick and chunky knit. The fun mix of colors and stitches makes for a project that won’t get old or boring! All you need is a few hours of time to knit this piece up. This is an easy level sweater as long as you have the basic knitting skills down.

To purchase your Sunshine Seeker pattern, click here or visit the shop link in the menu above.

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