The Vivian Crop Summer Sweater

Happy July! I feel like this summer is just cruising on by! We had our last snowstorm the end of April so it feels like winter has only just finished up. But thank goodness. I am throughly enjoying all the lovely warm days!

I’m so excited to have this new design out! I was looking to make something quick, who wants to spend all summer knitting a summer sweater, and this piece fits the bill! It’s knit with 12mm knitting needles to make for a faster and lightweight piece. Summer evenings are the perfect time to enjoy a light sweater!

I am all about the oversized fit. This piece has oversized written all over it. Besides it being a crop length :). The sleeves start with ribbing on the cuffs and continuously get wider all the way until the bind off. This gives them a cozy and voluminous fit. The body is wide and boxy, wear it over anything!

I added a little bit of duplicate stitches using the cuff coloring to make a fun little addition to the design. Kind of a bit of pop! If you’re not too into duplicate stitching, you can definitely skip it. But I recommend!

I used two different sized yarns for this as I had two skeins sitting around foreeeever that I wanted to use. But you can definitely just use all the same size petite wool from We Are Knitters that I used. The lighter yarn I used was Plymouth Yarns Merino wool, which is really pretty!

This is an easy knit and suitable for beginner knitters who have the basic skills down, as well as picking up stitches (for the neckline) and a twisted ribbing. I have had people ask if they can use a regular ribbing instead and the answer is of course! I just prefer the look of the twisted.

You can purchase the Vivian Crop pattern here.

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