The Nova Shawl Sweater

Hey guys! Last weekend I released a new design, just in time for these cold wintery days coming up! We already had our first snowfall last week and it was a doozy. We had drifts in our front halfway up the porch. I even shoveled the walk! Honestly our last storm was at the end of April and it feels so recent that it seemed completely normal for it to be snowing again. It was melted within a couple days and we now have green grass again though. And I’m planning to completely enjoy it while I can!

I live in yoga pants. Like live in them. There are days I put on jeans if I’m running out or if I’m traveling, but at home, yoga pants. And I wanted a piece that I could wear with them easily. The idea of a shawl came to mind.

The nova shawl is knit in one long piece on a set of 15mm straight knitting needles. Any beginner knitter won’t have a problem doing this one! It uses basic stitches and I added a fun little design to the sleeves to mix things up! Still just using your basic knit and purl stitch.

I love how cozy it is! And easy enough to just throw over my workout outfit in the morning. Plus it can be styled for a fancy outfit. Fancy meaning like jeans and a nice top. Haha. Or if you want to get even fancier, wear it with a dress! But you get my point, it’s such a versatile wear.

I used “the wool” from We Are Knitters for this project, because it’s my absolute favorite. I’d love to knit this piece again in another color! They have too many gorgeous shades, but this one’s perfect for matching with just about anything.

This pattern is available in my Etsy shop, by clicking the shop link in the menu above! Hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to share your finished shawl with me when you’re done!

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