The Zola Crop Cardi

I can’t believe it’s already almost Christmas! The weeks are flying by so fast I can’t even keep up. I pretty much did all the Christmas shopping for my kids last weekend, so I’m feeling set there. I was planning on doing Christmas baking last week, but we had a nasty illness go through the house, so that got put on the back burner. I needed a little instant gratification, so there was born the Zola Crop cardi.

I picked up my big ol 25mm needles and a bunch of scrap wool yarns I had laying around and got to work. A few hours of work led to this cardigan.

It’s got a cropped fit, fun stripes, and a basic oversized fit. You know that’s how I roll.

Since it’s got a cropped length, there’s really not much bulk feel going on. It’s easy wearability and perfect for those cold winter evenings. Or days.

It’s a perfect sweater for beginners to try out! You won’t spend too much time on it and you can get a good feel for the 25mm needles. If you knit any of my winter sweaters, they’re almost all on 25mm needles. I love using the big needles because it really showcases the softness of the yarn.

The Zola Crop Cardi pattern can be purchased by clicking the shop link in the menu above! Enjoy!

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