The Celestial Sunrise Sweater

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s already March? We are getting so so close to spring, it’s wonderful. I’m more excited than ever for some nice warm weather! Enjoying my iced coffees out on the porch, wearing sandals, ugh it’s going to be amazing!

I’ve really been loving everything astrological lately. What with all the northern lights, shooting stars, comets. The galaxy blows my mind. I got some petite wool from We Are Knitters recently in this colorway called “hand painted”, and it immediately reminded me of all the celestial colors.

This sweater follows along with all my other sweater vibes. Oversized, cozy, and colorful. I just can’t stray away from it! If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I’ve tried. I’ll set out on a piece like, this is going to be one color and basic. It always changes en route. 😂

Whenever I’m working on a piece, I hold it up to myself as I go to see if I’m getting the length I’m going for right. I recommend doing that if you’re going to be adjusting the length more to your preference. Everybody has a different length they like and I try to keep my patterns easy enough that it’s simply adding or deducting rows to your liking.

This one is a perfect length where it’s not too short, but not too long. I like how I can lift my arms and have no midriff showing! If it’s a more casual sweater, I can wear it whilst doing everyday errands, cleaning, taking care of kids, etc.

I also changed it up a bit and didn’t do any ribbing on the wrists. I wanted it to be a more flowy and open feel. It’s a style I’m kind of liking right now! I just added a bit of detail at the wrists so there’s an extra pop!

This sweater is definitely easy enough for you beginners, or a fun projects for anyone else! I used a size 12mm needle with the petite wool, which gives it a softer more lightweight feel. With wool, I like to go bigger than the recommended size needles for the yarn. This way, you notice the softness and bounce.

For this sweater, you’ll need your 12mm (US 15) straight needles, 6 skeins of the petite wool or any chunky weight yarn, and your darning needle for weaving in ends. It’s a quick knit and the perfect piece to get your spring started off with a bang!

This pattern can be purchased in my Etsy shop by clicking the shop link above in the menu.



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